Meet Our Founder

Lana Naro is an award-winning esthetician with over 25 years of experience in the industry. She has worked at some of the top spas and salons in the country.

Lana is known for her attention to detail and ability to customize treatments to suit the unique needs and preferences of each of her clients. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve healthy, radiant skin and takes a holistic approach to skincare, incorporating the use of natural and organic products whenever possible.

“Proper skincare doesn't have to be complicated. We created a fun and effective line of products for beauty aficionados and those who are just starting their journey to healthy, glowing skin. We are excited to share our vision with the world”


Say "Aloe" To L'amore Beauty

Lana started L'amore Beauty to bring the benefits of aloe vera to the masses. During her 25 year career, Lana has used aloe vera as a staple in her own skin care routine, noticing the hydrating and soothing effects it has on her skin. She noticed that many of her clients had similar struggles with dryness and irritation from water-based products, and saw a demand for more aloe vera-based products on the market. And so, L'amore Beauty was born – a line of skin care products infused with the goodness of aloe vera to help nourish and care for your skin.

"Say Aloe to Your New Skincare"


Making Your Skincare Journey a Success

Our mission stems from a deep-seated passion: to cultivate self-assurance through skin empowerment. We firmly believe that a truly transformative skincare ritual must encompass only the finest ingredients. Because settling for mediocrity is never an option - excellence is the ultimate goal.


From Miami With Love

L'amore Beauty, a Miami-born skincare brand, embodies the vibrant, lively, and colorful spirit of the Magic City. Our mission is to empower women by enhancing their self-image with our premium, luxurious face and body products. We envision a global sisterhood of strong, radiant women who embrace and celebrate their unique beauty, united in their love for L'amore Beauty.

Get to Know Your Skin

We believe in simplicity while also emphasizing the significance of truly understanding your skin and the advantages of an effective regimen. Unsure about the ideal products for your unique needs? Click below to take our Skin Quiz, and we'll curate a personalized skincare routine tailored just for you!